Discounting bikes for £2.99, online bike repair site offers ‘no questions asked’ service

A new website offers a service called “no questions answered” that gives customers a discount on their bike purchases.

The company offers free repairs to anyone with a credit card, but the prices are subject to change, depending on the amount of time you’ve spent in the shop.

“We do not offer a full refund, we only want to get your bike fixed so we can move on with your life,” the website states.

“It’s not an insurance policy, we are not a car insurance company, and we are NOT insurance companies.

We are a website and our goal is to help you get the best price for your bike.”

Customers are able to browse the repair options, from free bike replacements to full bike repairs, before making a final decision.

However, if you’ve been in a shop for less than 30 days, the price will increase by a small amount, but there is no limit on how much you can get.

“The prices are not guaranteed and it varies from shop to shop.

If you are buying a bike and are considering going to the shop, we’d recommend the option to get a full repair.”

The company’s main aim is to “remove the uncertainty surrounding your bike purchase”, according to the website.

However the company says it is not in a position to “provide you with a full price”.

“We offer our customers a choice of the various repair services available,” it adds.

“If you do not like any of the repair services offered, you can always choose another one, however you can not change the price.

We do not charge for your time, just like any other online shop.”

A spokesperson for Honda said: “We know how important it is to our customers to get the bike fixed as soon as possible, so we’re looking into this possibility.”

Honda has previously said it would make a full retest of any bikes that are not repaired within 90 days, but has yet to confirm whether it is offering the service.

In the UK, the government’s National Road Safety Campaign said it was investigating whether it should be compulsory for businesses to offer free bike repairs.

The campaign said that while it had not seen any evidence of any financial harm from charging a fee, it had urged the government to “make sure businesses are taking this approach”.

“The government must act now to ensure this policy does not cost businesses or individuals money and potentially cause them unnecessary stress,” said Paul Henson, policy officer at NSRCC.

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