How to buy a cheap Triumph Bonneville V8 engine

How to choose a good engine, whether it’s a Triumph V8 or a Triumph Bonnet. 

The Triumph Bonnecampo V8 is a direct-injection, twin-turbocharged engine with four valves per cylinder, a bore-to-stroke ratio of 10.2:1, and a maximum power output of 5,300 horsepower.

The engine is designed to produce torque of 1,200 to 2,200 pounds-feet (300 to 500 horsepower) at 6,500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 2,000 pounds-force at 5,500 revs. 

A quick glance at the Triumph Bonnell V8’s listing on Ebay reveals the motorcycle’s engine has been upgraded to include a high-performance carburetor, which can generate 1,000 to 1,500 horsepower at 3,500-rpm.

The Bonnells engines are now equipped with a dual-pump direct-fuel-injected unit, a feature that was added to the Bonnell motorcycles in 2018. 

If you’re looking to buy an inexpensive Triumph Bonnes motorcycle, there are a few ways to do so.

First, look at the price of the engine.

A Triumph Bonny V8 for under $30,000 can be had for under four hundred dollars on eBay.

That’s a steal.

You can also look at its availability.

If the engine is available, it may be on eBay for a bargain.

Second, look for good quality.

If you buy a V8 motorcycle, expect to find the parts to go with it.

A factory built Bonnell engine is going to cost a lot more than a factory-installed Bonnevilles engine, so look for a good-quality, factory-built Triumph Bonnel V8.

If it’s not there, you may have to shell out a bit more for parts.

Third, check out the condition of the parts.

Most Triumph Bonnies come with factory-issued motorcycle parts.

The factory-manufactured parts are usually in very good condition.

But the parts may be a little worn or scratched.

If they’re scratched, they could be damaged or missing parts.

A good check for a quality Bonnecamps engine is to go to the parts catalog.

If your motorcycle comes with factory parts, you’ll find that the parts listed are typically factory-level and that they come with a warranty. 

For the engine, check to make sure the engine doesn’t have any leaks, cracked pistons, or a bad valve.

If there’s a leak or a cracked piston, the engine may not work properly or be difficult to get to.

If a bad or missing valve, check the cylinder head, valve cover, or valve spring. 

Finally, check for corrosion.

If corrosion is evident, the Triumph Triumph Bonnex is a great choice.

The Triumph Boneton is designed for street use and has no issues with corrosion. 

There’s a reason why these are the top-selling Bonnamps, and they’re often among the best-kept motorcycles on the market.

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