How to make your own ‘Walking Dead’ tattoo

How to tattoo your favourite ‘Wrestling’ character on your body.

With more than 70 wrestlers, many of whom have long gone by their real names, the word ‘WrestleMania’ has become synonymous with the ‘Bruiserweight Championship’.

A year after WrestleMania 31, a tattoo parlour in Melbourne is turning your favourite wrestler’s likeness into a pair of gold studs for sale.

Owner Ben Balfour said he was “not really interested” in the tattoo and instead wanted a “good quality piece” to hang on his wall.

“I wanted a piece of his personality and he wanted to be a part of it, and that’s what we came up with,” Mr Balfours said.

Mr Balfoures business, Black Diamond Tattoo, opened in late 2016 with two doors at his home in Wollongong.

He said his customers had been “really positive” and “excited” about the tattoo.

The tattoo has been selling well since its debut and Mr Bafour said it was “working really well”.

“We’re not really worried about it being too large or too small,” he said.

“We have people coming in and saying ‘Oh, I’ve got my tattoo and I’ve made a lot of money off of it’, and they’re very happy with it.”

Mr Simeon said the tattoo had been on his arm for two weeks and was now “in good shape”.

He hoped to sell it on in the near future.

His tattoo has attracted a large number of tattoo enthusiasts from all over Australia and around the world, he said, adding that his clients have been “very pleased” with the product.

What are the ‘Wearing Dead’ tattoos?

What you need to know about tattoos and body artThe tattoo parlor in Melbourne has been known for its large size and Mr Simeot said the success of the tattoo was not a surprise.

“[The tattoo] was the right time for us to do it,” he explained.

In fact, the business had been in operation for two years before it opened up in February 2017.

It has sold more than 30,000 gold studded tattoos, according to Mr Simes.

Although he was not sure of the exact number of people who had tattooed on their bodies, he added that he believed it was around 2,000.

“A lot of people just do it out of curiosity,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

‘Walking dead’ character tattoo, BlackDiamond Tattoo in Wodonga, Victoria, is one of many in townThe tattoo business, which also sells body art, is not the only business in town that has sold “walking dead” characters.

Another tattoo shop in Woking, Victoria’s eastern suburbs, is selling tattoos of ‘The Walking Dead’ character Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

When the character first appeared on the TV series, Mr Sifon said he did not think the character would become popular.

While he did think the tattoo could attract some interest, he was disappointed when his business had no response to his first order.

“I didn’t think it would be as popular as it was,” he added.

So what happens if someone wants to get a tattoo?

A tattoo is an artistic, artistic and spiritual act.

If a customer has a genuine interest in the person they wish to get tattooed, the tattoo artist will take a picture of their face and send it to the tattoo shop.

The shop then creates a “marker” to attach to the forehead of the customer.

At that stage, the artist will decide on the design of the marker.

Once the tattoo is done, the person can then ask for the marker to be removed and the shop will send the tattoo to a suitable location.

Customers will also be given a “waistband” to wear as part of the service.

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