This Honda is really nice

Hacker News article A Yamaha Yamaha has a great looking paint job and looks like it has been around forever.

The color is white and has a few touches of yellow and green.

You can also see a couple of chrome bits sticking out.

The interior is a dark gray with a few silver accents, and the rear deck is all chrome.

The back of the bike is a bright yellow and is painted bright yellow too.

It also comes with a leather interior.

This is the Yamaha that Yamaha is selling online for a cool $14,990.

The bike was bought in the spring of 2014 for $3,990 in the U.S. and $5,990 overseas.

Yamaha has been in the motorcycle business for almost 40 years, but it only made a splash in the market with the 1999 R1, which had a Yamaha R-Spec body and was sold for $1495.

The R1 was a bit more expensive, but the Yamaha R1 is a well-known motorcycle for its solid performance.

This Yamaha is also available in a red and white paint job, but that is not as striking.

The red is a nice shade of orange, but is quite a bit darker than the yellow, which looks like a nice deep orange.

The white is a darker version of the red, and it looks very similar to the Yamaha’s yellow.

The front of the Yamaha has chrome bits, and there is also a silver accent on the right side of the wheel arch.

The seller on eBay says the bike has been a longtime favorite of the rider, so I think the paint job is a bit of a giveaway.

It is the second Yamaha Yamaha I’ve seen that has a color scheme similar to that of a former owner.

The Yamaha is still available online for $569.99.

The seller has also listed the motorcycle for sale in Japan for $7,990, which is a little less than $3K less than the original asking price.

The listing says that the Yamaha will be available for sale at some point in the near future.

The current listing is for a “new build” and has the original engine and chassis listed for $4,995.

It does not say when the motorcycle will be sold.

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