When you’re stuck in traffic, Honda says the best way to avoid the dreaded red light is by motorcycle parts

A Honda motorcycle parts supplier is offering free shipping on its website for the next few days to anyone who wants to buy used motorcycle parts.

“We are offering free shipments on our website for a limited time to all customers who wish to purchase used motorcycle part.

We have also included a special coupon code which is valid from January 10, 2019 to January 10 and is valid for up to 2.5 kg of used motorcycle product,” Honda Motor India said on its Facebook page.”

You can use the coupon code in any of the categories for which we offer free shipping, including parts, accessories, parts accessories and spare parts,” the company said.

Honda Motor India also said the coupon will be valid from Tuesday January 10 until February 16.

Hondas offer free deliveries to those who are willing to pay the equivalent of Rs 50.HONDA TRUST:The Motorcycle Dealers Association of India has been calling for the removal of the traffic lights.

The Association said that many Indian towns are not safe for people to ride a motorcycle.

“If you are riding a motorcycle in a rural area, you may be in danger from robbers, gangsters, drug smugglers and other threats.

The road in those areas is dangerous and it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed.

So we want you to use common sense, be safe and drive safely,” the association said in a statement.HONG KONG:Honda is offering a free shipping for people who want to buy motorcycle parts from January 14.

The company said that people can order parts from Honda dealers in Hong Kong for a fixed price of Rs 25 and then pick up their orders from the Honda dealer or online through Honda Motors India.

“It is our hope that the free shipping will encourage more people to purchase parts from our dealers.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our dealers who have made this a priority,” Honda said.

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